Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New album "Meteorites" out Spring 2014

Meteorites, the 12th Studio album by Echo & the Bunnymen will be released on 05/26/2014 in the UK and on 6/3/2014 in the US.

Lovers On The Run
Is This A Breakdown
Holy Moses
I Loved The Devil
Market Town
New Horizons

429 Records has some snippets of the album up for your listening pleasure.

In conjunction with the album's release, the band will embark on a tour of Europe and the UK beginning in May and US dates to follow. Check out bunnymen.com for the latest info.
If you were wondering what the cover is all about, according to a post on the bands Facebook page:
"The cover photo for the new album is a thin section of the Zagami meteorite. Zagami is a piece of the planet Mars that fell as a meteorite in Nigeria in 1962. It wasn't recognized as being from Mars until the late 1970s, after the Viking landers. One way geologists analyze rocks is to polish a slice thin enough so that it will transmit light. The thin section can then be studied with a microscope. The colors appear because of the ways that minerals with differing composition and crystal structure transmit polarized light. The sample in the photo is about 2 cm across."

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